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ODT System is an exhaustive solution-provider System that enables you to manage your company’s HR and HR controlling, labor, production management and occupational safety access control systems in an advanced way.

We offer a guaranteed to be customizable solution to achieve your goals with our proven modules.

About the System_

360 degree-solutions to your company_


Automatize your HR workflow processes with our well-tried modules.

Automatize your work affairs with our innovative solutions from employee hiring to daily tasks. Plan their schedule, manage their holidays, absences, time data for payroll export and keep accurate records of their working time with our modules.



Our productivity-enhancing applications provide measurable results and satisfaction.

Encourage your employees for joint goals. Increase your production with real-time data. Communicate through a guaranteed secure channel.


Get the most out of your staff with our special tools.

Unleash the power of human creation and ambition with our innovative modules that help release their inherent capacity by providing all the necessary tools.


Ensure your employee’s safety with our special applications.

Give a response to this ever-changing world with our special applications.    These modules help you and guarantee your employee’s safety.



Improve your company culture and the knowledge of your employees with our interactive and effective modules.

The improvement provided by our brilliant solutions help you jump over the challenges of the present. With our education, communication and virtual document management applications the success is guaranteed.




Real-time labour data. Holiday Absence Request Approval.

With the innovative application of the ODT System, you can apply for leave or absence from anywhere and at any time. Thanks to the working time data accurate to minutes, you can find all the important information you need to work.

Popular modules:


The system stores up to date records of working time and up to date records of data.

  • Monthly authenticated with 1 employee signature
  • Calculation of additional data
  • Work frame management
  • Excel and pdf export
  • Time data for payroll export


The Planning, application, printing permissions, notifications system functions replace the holiday application form.

  • E-mail notification
  • Instead of paper blocks
  • Group holiday planning


The advantage of generating working time is that you only have to work with a working time assignment in case of any changes.

  • Generated work schedule
  • Examination of legislative compliance
  • Printable timetables


Freely associate data with your employees.

  • E-mail notifications and warnings
  • Optional and customizable employee data management
  • Register management with measurable data



ISO 9001:2015,

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 

We were awarded for the processes of design, development, introduction, operation and support of HR digitisation system. 

What is the most advantageous for you?

  • Business impact

  • Production and efficiency increase
  • Lower operating costs
  • Real time data
  • Decision-maker statements
  • Transparent resources
  • Intuitive interface
  • Automatic HR processes
  • Task management
  • Online application
  • Employee satisfaction growth
  • Time data for payroll export

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3000 saved working hour wit online digital tool system


183.000 active users  at Online Digital Tool System


700 partner - Online Digital Tool System


Inspiring opinions

  • a 42 percent faster administration 42% 42%

“We had an astonishing amount of time released that we have been finally able to devote it to important tasks”

Arnold Trevino

Head of HR

  • 24% production improvement 24% 24%

“The System has made our production processes more efficient.”

Andrea Campbell

Founder & CEO

  • 32% increase in employee satisfaction 32% 32%

”I hadn’t had any idea how cumbersome our processes were till I tried it. Everything has become more convenient with the System.”

Dietmar Ahlers

HR Project Manager

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