Records of working time automated

Up to date, accurate, automated and guaranteed to comply with law, real-time work time record from the odt system.

To have a truly up-to-date worklog that meets all the rules, one needs to be either exhaustively precise and take your time… Fortunately, with the Odt System Working Time Records module, this task will be easy as a cloud.


One signature per month

To authenticate the worklog, all you need is one signature from the employees per month.

Up to date

The module automatically generates the worklog from other assignments, entry data, holiday absences data thus ensuring accurate worklogs.

Working time frame

It is an excellent companion for working time frame employment, as it performs the complex calculations in an instant.

All for the eyes


The interface of the Working Time Records module is designed to provide you with a visual experience and help you get a quick overview.

Impressive data

Be immediately informed of the key indicators that will help you understand your worklogs.


Changes managed


Instead of a pencil and eraser, you can insert absence codes with one click if there is a discrepancy in the worklog data because an employee is sick or left the work area. (absence toolbar)

The intelligent function will indicate if the operation is not coordinated with the labour code. We are guaranteed to follow the legislation and update the system in case of changes.

Time is in your hands

In the case of a company with 100 people, the comparison of working time data with the assignment and the procedure for signature requests takes up 8.33 hours. With the working time module, this takes only 2 minutes a month.



Designed for Requirements


Our working time module complies with the provisions of the applicable Labour Code. The digital working time worklogs can be presented and printable upon inspection. Our innovative regulatory compliance testing function is regularly updated. As a data processor, the odt system does its best to meet the requirements of GDPR, so we comply with our own data protection protocols and strict security standards.

More precise than a human being

The module handles hundreds of thousands of data based on the generated or received data without errors. And at the end of the month, you can transfer aggregated working time data to payroll programs at the touch of a button. No more fixing and error search.


Connect it to other modules of the ODT system


You can exploit the full capabilities of the working time module by connecting it to the ODT system modules. Just imagine. Holiday and absences are already managed by the Holiday module and automatically kept in its worklogs. Shift management is carried out in the schedule module and is immediately taken over by the worklog of working time. And the data of our smart access control system will immediately appear in your worklogs independently of physical location.



This module is also available in our HR application. Real-time employment data. Leave of absence application approval.

With the innovative application of the ODT System, you can apply for leave or absence from anywhere and at any time. Thanks to the working time data accurate to minutes, you can find all the important information you need to work.

What you need to know about working time records

Unfortunately, many still confuse the concept of attendance sheet and working time records. As an employer, you must always keep a working time record and record attendance data even in paper form. The attendance details are arrival and departure. The data of the working time record are the beginning and end of working hours. The two are not the same because let’s assume that someone arrives early, but he doesn’t necessarily start his shift sooner. If a person leaves before the end of working hours, it is not his working time, but his hours worked that became less. The worklog shall be up-to-date verifiable, authentic, complete and true.

That’s how it works

Enter employee’s data to the ODT system. Prepare their assignments. Based on the assignment, the worklog module automatically generates the records. If you have a smart access control system, you can also make a warning based on the login and logout data if someone leaves early or is late.

The working time record is generated automatically. During the month, you only need to correct the possible changes manually.

If you have approved any holiday or absence, it will automatically appear in the record. During the month, you only need to correct the possible changes manually. At the end of the month, you close and export the working time record, and then have it signed by the employees.

You can also send working time data from ODT System to market leading payroll programs or export it to a file that you can feed into payroll programs.

Customer Reviews

  • a 42 percent faster administration 42% 42%

“We had an astonishing amount of time released that we have been finally able to devote it to important tasks”

Arnold Trevino

Head of HR

  • 24% production improvement 24% 24%

“The System has made our production processes more efficient.”

Andrea Campbell

Founder & CEO

  • 32% increase in employee satisfaction 32% 32%

”I hadn’t had any idea how cumbersome our processes were till I tried it. Everything has become more convenient with the System.”

Dietmar Ahlers

HR Project Manager

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