Forget about the holiday blocks

Plan your holidays together in just a few clicks from anywhere

Did you know that the hassle of holiday planning with a professional system is gone forever? The holiday planner module is an online interface where workers and managers can plan, apply for and approve holidays.

E-mail Notification

Sends an email notification of holiday requests to the designated person. You can approve or reject requests from anywhere at the touch of a button.

Instead of a note block

Replaces the paper-based holiday block in 100%. Verify according to your needs, even by printing the requests and having them signed.


The intuitive interface will help you plan the holidays distributed for the year. In group view, you can view the holiday of the entire company or departments.

Legislation Monitoring

The days off from the employee’s data are calculated automatically also in case of a working time frame. It takes into account the current applicable legislation.

You deserve such an interface


The intuitive interface of the holiday planner module is designed such that it tells you how to use it.

Only what’s important, nothing else

Choose what information shall be displayed for employees at different levels. With this unrivaled feature, you can focus on important things.


Free up your time


With the innovative email notification function, distance is no longer a hindrance, as you can assess holiday requests from anywhere with one click.

Take advantage of the company’s resources

Put down the panic due to “stuck” holidays. It is easier than ever to issue holidays precisely because the system indicates the holidays that can be issued proportionately and those already issued.


All aboard


Thanks to the Smart Absence Group feature, you can set during planning which people need to work for a certain period of time. On request, employees can see on their interface that in which case they cannot apply for holiday for the same period as other employees, thereby guaranteeing that they will have the required number of staff at their company, even during the holidays.



This module is also available in our HR application. Real-time employment data. Leave of absence application approval.

With the innovative application of the ODT System, you can apply for leave or absence from anywhere and at any time. Thanks to the working time data accurate to minutes, you can find all the important information you need to work.

That’s how it works

Enter the employees to the ODT System. If you already have another module, they will automatically be included in the Holiday planner. The system automatically calculates mandatory holidays based on employee’s data.

Users can apply for leave according to their permission level, and managers can approve requests. Employees can see on their own interface how much holiday they have on a pro rata temporis basis.

The requester ticks his request for a period of time. The system notifies the assigned approver person. If you are the examiner, you can even view in a group view when employees have applied for holiday within a period of time. You can also see when you approved or rejected holiday requests.

Requests will be evaluated by email with one click. An email is also sent to the requesting employee about approved or denied leave, but he can also be verify it on his own interface.

Customer Reviews

  • a 42 percent faster administration 42% 42%

“We had an astonishing amount of time released that we have been finally able to devote it to important tasks”

Arnold Trevino

Head of HR

  • 24% production improvement 24% 24%

“The System has made our production processes more efficient.”

Andrea Campbell

Founder & CEO

  • 32% increase in employee satisfaction 32% 32%

”I hadn’t had any idea how cumbersome our processes were till I tried it. Everything has become more convenient with the System.”

Dietmar Ahlers

HR Project Manager

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