Plan assignments with playful ease

Function with automatic planning and assignments functions and regulatory compliance testing.

Shift planning is just as cardinal a process in your company’s life as breathing. If you have done the assignments on paper, on a magnetic board or on a color excel tables until now, you know exactly what a time-consuming task full of possible mistakes that will be at the expense of the job, as a small change or misspelling is enough and you are missing something or have more on a post than required. In a modern company, shifts can range from simple work schedules to hundreds of variations that require an innovative solution capable of fulfilling this challenge to the maximum. Our assignment module is designed to reduce shift management to a few clicks, freeing up time for you and your staff, even on the most complex assignments. Take a deep breath and discover the future of assignment planning.

Generated Work Schedule

Simple work schedules are automatically created by the system for the whole year. It is only necessary to modify the data in case of changes.

Work Schedule Codes

In the case of complex work schedules, you can sort the combination of different shifts under ‘preset’ codes and save a lot of hours.

Compliance with legislation

It’s like a labour lawyer assisting you in organizing the assignments. The system indicates if anything does not correspond to the LC., so the creation of assignment can be assigned to those not on employment dept.

Click to select for easy planning

Thanks to drag and drop and copying, the planning of even complex work schedules takes only a few moments.

Just drag the selected employees and drop them into the calendar view. Select the period for which you plan to shift, and just select the assignment code.

If you are planning a assignment for a similar period, just select the assignment for the previous period and copy it with two clicks.


Joint work, joint success


With the assignment planning module, you can even assign the creation of assignments to team leaders and shift managers as we have made it as intuitive as the entertainment application of a smartphone.

In fact! The finalisation of the assignment can also be carried out by a labour dept. professional and the possibility of flawless assignment is guaranteed by the legal compliance assessment.

Lawyer in the machine

Each module of the ODT System is equipped with a statutory compliance test function, so the system analyzes the hard-to-interpret paragraphs for you and compares them with assignment, holidays and worklogs.

The intelligent function will indicate if the operation is not coordinated with the labour code. We are guaranteed to follow the legislation and update the system in case of changes.


Only the imagination sets the limit


Whatever special, changing work schedules are used at your company, using the unique codes of the assignment module you can forget about scribbling and paying attention.

Create work schedules and assign them to the codes. In fact! Choose a color for the codes to review shifts in a blink of an eye.

Neatness counts

Thanks to the unique view, you can adjust what the senior manager, middle manager, and what data the subordinate can see, so that everyone can get as much information as they need to work efficiently.


Be it known


Print the completed assignments with the press of a key. You can place the data on the message board in a print-friendly format. With a colourful and clear table, everyone can easily get information about their respective assignments.

Precise and solid

Set up that only the selected person can modify the data after the assignments are finalized. This service allows for avoiding subsequent corrections. From the assignments, the working time module automatically calculates time data and transmits them to the market leading payroll management programs for payroll accounting.



This module is also available in our HR application. Real-time employment data. Leave of absence application approval.

With the innovative application of the ODT System, you can apply for leave or absence from anywhere and at any time. Thanks to the working time data accurate to minutes, you can find all the important information you need to work.

Customer Reviews

  • a 42 percent faster administration 42% 42%

“We had an astonishing amount of time released that we have been finally able to devote it to important tasks”

Arnold Trevino

Head of HR

  • 24% production improvement 24% 24%

“The System has made our production processes more efficient.”

Andrea Campbell

Founder & CEO

  • 32% increase in employee satisfaction 32% 32%

”I hadn’t had any idea how cumbersome our processes were till I tried it. Everything has become more convenient with the System.”

Dietmar Ahlers

HR Project Manager

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